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Acid Pack 4000

We have recently added the Acid Pack 4000 to our range of products.

The Acid Pack 4000 is a fully lined IMDG T14 Acid Transport and Storage Tank. Designed to DNV 2.7-1, the Acid Pack 4000 is fully certified for offshore use. The unit is also a CSC approved 20ft ISO container.

In addition to European and International approvals, the tank also has US DOT and NORSOK approval, permitting its use in North America and Norway

Wessington Cryogenics | Acid Pack 4000 0
  • Designed to DNV 2.7-1,
  • Fully certified for offshore use,
  • US DOT and NORSOK approvals optional to permit use in North America and Norway
  • Configuration allows for tanks to be shipped on standard container ships anywhere in the world, by the most economical method
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