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CH Series Liquid Helium Transport Dewars

The CH Series of liquid helium dewars have been designed to meet the exacting requirements of ultra-low temperature applications in research and industry.

Wessington also offer a bespoke design service throughout the CH range ensuring our customers have the option of a dewar that exactly meets their requirements. The CH-5000 Transportable is mounted in a protective frame, which is certified for road / sea transport in accordance with ADR & IMDG.

Wessington Cryogenics | CH Series Liquid Helium Transport Dewars 0
  • Dual relief manifold for enhanced safety
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Mounted on high quality stainless steel castors, 2 with brake arrangement
  • Removable top manifold to facilitate the safe use of customer inserts
  • TPED Approved for the transportation by road throughout Europe
  • Non European approvals also available on request
  • Wide choice of neck configurations and siphon entry ports
  • Wide neck versions suitable for immersion applications
  • Valve protection ring handle
  • Fork lift pockets on CH-250, CH-500 & CH-1000
  • Alternative neck sizes
  • Choice of top entry ball valve or siphon gland
  • Second entry gland for level probe
  • Bespoke design service
  • Larger neck and liquefier designs available
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