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The World Leading ISO PACK 2000 offshore cryogenic tank is the product of choice for well service companies. Designed to be transported either individually or in pairs (coupled together) as one 20ft ISO unit, this configuration allows for the tanks to be shipped as shippers own containers on standard container ships.

This T75 UN Portable tank has approvals for road, rail & sea transport. It also has CSC with DNV 2.7-1 / BS10855 approvals among many others, and is designed, manufactured / tested for storing & transporting liquid nitrogen, argon and oxygen, and can often be seen on offshore supply vessels being transported to oil production platforms all over the world.
With working pressures ranging from 3.0 Bar to 24 Bar this tank can also carry LC02.

Wessington Cryogenics | ISO PACK 2000 0
  • LIN / LOX / LAR service
  • 2000 USG in a 10ft frame
  • Custom paint finish and client logo application
  • Lower roof plate to allow stacking with slings/shackles remaining in situ
  • Ergonomically designed pipework layout
  • Transport as a SOC when coupled with another Isopack 2000
  • Second Trycock
  • LC02 service
  • GPS Tracking
  • Hasting vacuum check valve
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