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The Wessington ISO VAC 20 has been designed and manufactured as a 20ft ISO container for the safe storage and transport of liquefied gases. Manufactured to either ASME or EN standards and with a 20,000 Litre capacity the ISO VAC 20 also comes available with pressure ratings ranging from 10 to 24 Bar and the option of a cryogenic transfer pump onboard

Wessington Cryogenics | ISO VAC 20 0
  • LIN / LOX / LAR Service
  • 20ft ISO standard frame
  • Custom paint finish and client logo application
  • Hastings vacuum gauge tube
  • Lightweight design
  • Remote pressure control monitoring
  • GPS tracking
  • Anti tow away device / door closure system
  • Air actuated / quick closing main liquid isolation valve
  • Emergency isolation safety system
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