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20,000 Helium Tank

Wessington Cryogenics build a 20,000 litre helium dewar for delivery in South Korea.

The large 20,000 litre capacity helium dewar was completely manufactured at our facility in the UK, designed in house by our engineering department and then fully fitted out and tested to ASME III Div 1 Certification.

All steel construction with specified siphon entries and 3-way diverter valves.

The HC 20,000 helium dewar.
Net capacity: 20,000 litres
Gross capacity: 22,222 litres
Pressure: 3 bar G
Outer full vacuum: -269°C to +40°C
Static evaporation rate: 0.25% per day

The head of the tank: The 3 way divertor valve all accessible via the ladder and platform fitted with safety cage and gate.
ANSI A14.3 American Nation Standard for ladders-fixed-safety requirements,

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Assembly and Testing

Preparation of the dished ends prior to assembly

The inner tank being carefully inserted into the outer tank using some sacrificial wrap to keep the insulation clean.

The 20,000 litre helium tank undergoing pressure testing. The tank went through stringent checks throughout the manufacturing process including leak testing of all valves and pipework.

The tank is fully cleaned prior to painting and assembly.

Fully crated and loaded onto the delivery vehicle

On the road to the port and leaving the factory in Houghton-Le-Spring