• LAB Series Dewars

    Product Overview

    Designed for small amount of liquid nitrogen storage and short-distance transportation. This range of dewars have a small neck, low liquid nitrogen evaporation rate. It is an efficien…

  • Dry Shippers

    Product Overview

    Suitable for cryogenic environment (vapour storage at temperatures below -190℃ transportation for samples. It could avoid the risk of the liquid nitrogen releasing during transportati…

  • Large Capacity Refrigerators

    Product Overview

    The static large-capacity storage series have advantages of low liquid consumption and medium storage capacity. It has the advantages of large diameter and easy to take racks which me…

  • Portable Small Capacity Series

    Product Overview

    Portable small capacity series is designed for small capacity users, mainly used for breeding livestock semen frozen storage and transport of biological samples. 



    Suitable …