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Polaris Series 'Dry' Liquid Nitrogen Refrigerators

Traditional cryogenic storage involves immersion in liquid nitrogen, while vapour storage houses samples on a shelf above a liquid reservoir. Polaris is different. By housing liquid nitrogen in a jacket around the Polaris chamber, we have created a truly dry system.


Key Features
  • Liquid nitrogen stored in a thermal jacket that surrounds the storage chamber; reducing cross contamination risks, minimalizing hazards related to liquid nitrogen and achieving a temperature of -190°C with no restrictions to chamber access.
  • Wide opening for easy sample access – samples are easy to locate and retrieve, vapour cloud clears within a short moment (ideal for frequent access)
  • Temperature probe is placed at top of the chamber, thermally insulated from the chamber wall – ensures uniform temperature throughout the chamber to ensure all samples are safe. Accurate storage temperature performance to ensure sample viability.
  • Fully automated or manual liquid nitrogen filling – the samples are kept stable and maintained in specified conditions, without interference from liquid nitrogen top-up.
  • Liquid nitrogen can be supplied from smaller cryogenic vessels or large scale bulk containers – can act as a standalone system or as a new addition to an existing cryopreservation facility.
  • State-of-the-art monitoring and control capability - simple and safe to operate, designed with outstanding stability.


For details and ordering of these items, please discuss with exclusive supplier, Quantum Cryogenics


Wide neck opening Polaris vessels available soon!


Technical Data Polaris 13 Polaris 23 Polaris 42 Polaris 94
Overall Height (mm) 1543 1556 1606 1754
Internal Useable Height (mm) 790 790 790 900
Outside Diameter (mm) 767 935 1177 1548
Internal Useable Diameter (mm) 620 787 1029 1400
Neck Diameter (mm) 260 335 448 650
Total LN2 (ltr) 58 93 164 317
Empty Weight (kg) 260 377 496 777
Max Weight Full LN2 (kg) 307 452 629 1033
Vial Capacity 2ml 13000 22750 41600 94500