CryoPanel 4 Cryogenic Central Gas Monitoring Panel

CryoPanel has been designed to eliminate the need for multiple separate monitoring panels for cryogenic laboratory management. CryoPanel monitors gas levels and provides customised interfaces for many other types of lab monitoring equipment including freezer alarms, fan interfaces, safety valves, level of liquid nitrogen in supply vessel and lone worker alarms.


CryoPanel is designed to provide centralised monitoring at a single panel of many different types of lab monitoring equipment that have previously been separately located. The panel is suitable for use with new laboratory installations and for retrofit as it may be connected to most third party monitoring equipment. This system provides a solution to the incompatibility issues of the huge variety of equipment being used in cryogenic labs.

Key Features
  • Large, clear easy to read pictorial back lit LCD display for easy interpretation of information.
  • Easy user programming for customised applications with no requirement for computerised programming.
  • Radio/hard wire compatibility.
  • Alarm connections for QFM330 oxygen monitors (enrichment or deficiency), QFM440 carbon dioxide monitors, QLA100 low level alarms, QTA100 freezer alarms, Cryoalert buttons & fan interfaces.
  • CryoPanel 1 for input of a single gas monitor, CryoPanel 4 for up to four O2/CO2 monitor connections and CryoPanel 8 and 12 (larger panels available upon request).
  • Dedicated connections to BMS systems & GSM diallers.
  • Compatible with third party equipment.

CryoPanel 4

Cryogenic panel with input for 1-4 gas monitors
Dimensions: H180 x W265 x D82 mm
Weight: 750gm
Alarm Indications: LCD - W130 x H75 mm; Audible 85dBA at 30cm