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    Wellmite Series

    Wessington's Wellmite series of tanks are classified as T75 UN Portable tanks under the rules of ADR and IMDG. Wellmites are designed, manufactured and tested for storing and transporting liquid nitro…

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    ISO PACK 2000

    The World Leading ISO PACK offshore cryogenic tank is the product of choice for well service companies all around the World. Designed to be transported either individually or in pairs (coupled togethe…

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    CRYO PACK 3000

    The CRYO PACK 3000 tank has approvals for road, rail and sea transport. It also has DNV 2.7-1/EN 12079 approval and is used for nitrogen service on oil production platforms throughout the world.


    Flat Truck

    ISO PACK 4000

    The ISO PACK 4000 tank offers the cryogenics industry a robust, fully framed, portable, 20ft ISO container designed for transporting product by road, rail or sea.

    This T75 UN tank has approvals for ro…


    ISO VAC 20 - CO2

    The ISO VAC 20-CO2 tank has been designed as a standard 20ft ISO container for the safe storage and transport of CO2. A new frame arrangement with Blair corner castings, & lockable valve protectio…