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The CRYO PACK 3000 tank has approvals for road, rail and sea transport. It also has DNV 2.7-1/EN 12079 approval and is used for nitrogen service on oil production platforms throughout the world.

This T75 UN Portable tank is designed and manufactured in accordance with DNV 2.7-1 and EN 12079. The tank can be produced with working pressures ranging from 3 to 17 Bar and can be used for the transport of liquid nitrogen, with options for oxygen and argon service.

The CRYO PACK also features high vacuum super-insulation, and is supplied with a full set of decls (including logos where supplied by customer), integral pressure building system, document holder and various pipe work and valve options to offer maximum versatility to end user and operator.

A CO2 format tank can also be supplied on special request. Higher pressure versions also available on request.

Special Features

  • Lower roof plates to allow stacking with slings / shackles remaining in situ
  • Dual try-cock valves
  • Optional Hastings vacuum check valve

Specification CRYO PACK 3000 3 Bar ASME CRYO PACK 3000 6 Bar CRYO PACK 3000 17 Bar
Capacity (Ltr) 11,355 11,355 11,355
Pressure 3.17 Bar 6.0 Bar 17 Bar
Tare Weight kg 6,095 6,095 7,195
Max Gross Weight (LN2) kg 14,811 14,811 15,932
Holding Time Days* 20 28 48


Materials / Specifications  
Inner Shell

Stainless Steel

Outer Jacket Carbon Steel 
Skid Carbon Steel 
Pipe Work Tp.316 Stainless Steel Sch. 10
Paint Specification

Shot Blast SA 2.5, Zinc Rich Primer 50 microns, Epoxy High Build 125

microns, Polyurethane Top Coat 50 microns

Standard colour : White

Custom paint specifications on request

Design Approval(s)**

ASME VIII (3 Bar model), ADR/RID, IMDG, IMO, DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079,

USDOT, Options RTN, AS1210


Maximum Evaporation Rate 0.4% per day


Inner Shell -196°C to +50°C, Outer Jacket -20°C to +50°C

(Option -40 to +50) material

Corner Castings**

ISO Standard 1161 Blair BLRC20100 / 20000


NT150 as standard. Customer specifications on request

* Holding time to EN 12213

** Design approvals may vary depending on options and country of operation. For details, please contact Technical Department.




Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)








Liquid Isolation


Pump Return or Top Fill


Tricock Vent 95%


Tank Vent Valve


Travelling Valve


Pressure Build

V7 / V8 / V9

Gauge Panel Control Valves


Rear Liquid Fill (Option 1)


Line Blow Down


Line Blow Down


Line Blow Down (Option 1)

V14 Liquid Decant
V15 Rear Fill (Option 2)
V16 Secondary Trycock
RV1 Primary Relief Valve
RV2 Secondary Relief Valve
RV3 Travelling Relief Valve
RV4 Line Relief Valve
DP Differential Pressure Contents Gauge
PG Pressure Gauge
F1 Liquid Strainer
NRV Non Return Valve
Couplings To Customers Requirements
PBV Pressure Build Vaporiser

Tank schematic shows standard configuration, utilising Herose Globe Valves.


Option 1: Rear Fill direct to rear of tank allowing concurrent bottom fill / liquid decant (this is default version of CRYO PACK tanks but can be removed on request).

Option 2: Rear Fill external to tank via main Tank Isolation Valve.

Option 3: Any of the above arrangements with Meca Inox Cryogenic Ball Valves as alternative to Herose Globe Valves.