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About Us

Established in 1984, Wessington Cryogenics was originally founded to offer the supply of a wide range of cryogenic vessels for laboratory, scientific and industrial gas applications. The company grew to quickly exploit emerging cryogenic applications across a broad range of industry sectors, manufacturing cryogenic storage vessels ranging from general purpose open dewars, to multi-coded ISO containers, designed to store liquid nitrogen, argon, oxygen and helium.

Now an established global leader in cryogenic vessel manufacturing, Wessington are proud to offer cryogenic vessels and ISO Containers designed and manufactured for the storage and transport of liquid carbon dioxide, hydrogen and bio LNG. We have worked with and supplied the likes of NASA and CERN as well as major universities, hospitals, and research centres where a high level of engineering capability is required.


Our modern 70,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in the North East of England comes equipped with multiple overhead cranes inside it’s workshop with ample headroom for our manufacturing processes and a large storage yard. Within the same walls of the main building are our multiple offices and conference rooms.

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