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ISOVAC 40 LNG Tank from Wessington Cryogenics

Wessington Cryogenics proudly introduces it’s redesigned 40ft LNG tank. The client required greater capacity for this project together with enhanced filling capabilities, over and above the standard offering. The in-house design team led by our Senior Design Engineer, Craig Simpson, got to work.

The outcome is a 45,500 litre capacity tank within the same 40ft footprint with no compromise in the overall weight.

  • Designed, built and tested in accordance with multiple design codes
  • Fully integrated anti-tow away pneumatic system
  • Pneumatic slam shut emergency stop
  • Enhanced filling capabilities
  • Excellent evaporation rates
  • Holding time of 70+ days
  • Rated to carry 34,000kg
  • MLI and vacuum insulated
  • Design Temp -196°C


  • Nitrogen purge system
  • Multi-point emergency stop system
  • Optional discharge pump
  • Optional flow meter with printer
  • Optional GPS transmitter live tracking
  • Optional dedicated trailer
  • Road, rail and sea ransportable

ADR, EN13530, PD5500, IMDG, RID, CSC & ISO 1496