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CH Series Liquid Helium Bulk Vessels

The larger capacity liquid helium dewars are commonly used in conjunction with liquefiers, or where the bulk storage of product is required.

Vessels up to 20,000 litres available – intermediate or larger sizes on special request.

Wessington Cryogenics | CH Series Liquid Helium Bulk Vessels 0
  • Mounted on skirt with integral fork lift pockets (optional on smaller capacity dewars) Castors fitted on request
  • Wide choice of neck configurations and siphon entry ports
  • Larger capacities available on request (Currently upto 20,000 litres)
  • Manufactured in stainless steel (optional – painted to customer specification, custom colours available)
  • Helium level meters / controllers / heaters available as an option
  • Ladder & platform assemblies available for larger versions
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